sometimes all you want to do when you wake up in the morning is block everything out and say fuck off to the world. Music can help you do this without having to lash out on someone or something. Boom music from pulsing speakers and throw your head around to an all consuming beat that releases all your anger and hatred. Some of my favourite tracks to do this to are: 
Kill Me by the pretty reckless, Buried Alive by Otep, Antivist by Bring me the horizon and God Hates Us by Avenged Sevenfold. 
So if you are feeling like rubbish today, Don’t be angry, just l.i.s.t.e.n to music and feel the release.



When drowning in sorrows and darkness you feel its all encompassing presence drowning you with helpless screams. But the truth is, there is always escape… in music.

When your mind is racing with worries, problems, anxiety and so on, turning on some speakers and blasting your favourite song can give you the escape you need. It is almost as if whilst the music fills your ears, you are taken to a different world where nothing else matters but that song, those lyrics, that beat, those notes, that meaning. 

So please, when you are filled with helpless despair, let the music help you to escape the darkness and enjoy the rest.

L.i.s.t.e.n to music and let it i.n.s.p.i.r.e you as it has to me.

Power is to have influence, control and supremacy. Music is the most commanding gift that graces each and everyone of our daily mundane lives. That one song, that one lyric, can influence someone to do something incredible that they never believed they could do until music inspired them. Music is supreme, queen of all. Long live the grace of music and may it continue to grace us with its encompassing power.

L.i.s.t.e.n, its all i ask. 

Life is full of tests and jolts that will throw you off balance. I have had many of these in my life. The medicine that really works, is the medicine called music. Now, i’m not saying that music will cure life threatening illnesses but it can help your mind deal with the pain of many problems. Through all my illnesses, its music that has been my saviour. Thank you to every band who inspired me to never give up. I have so much love for you. Let music help you through difficulties and remember just l.i.s.t.e.n to music.

p.s please comment any songs or bands that have got you through difficult things, i would love to hear about it 🙂 

There is a stunningly exciting range of music waiting for us to l.i.s.t.e.n to. Unfortunately some people don’t bother to look outside of the music that they are effortlessly bombarded with on the radio and TV; they just pointlessly bob along to computerized drum beats and obviously auto-tuned talent-less voices and claim that they ‘love music’. so annoying. When i discovered my taste in music, it honestly did change my life and so it makes me annoyed watching people singing along to Taylor Swift or One Direction! Now, there are many genres of music that i am not a fan of, such as folk and country and many more, but if that is your taste, then great! Enjoy l.i.s.t.e.n.i.n.g to it! Everyone should go out of their way to find their taste in music because trust me, you won’t regret it. 
Comment your tastes in music 🙂

Faith covers many aspects and beliefs in life. While some may find faith in God, i find mine in music. Music gives me the belief and power to believe in this world. Music is always there for you to answer your problems and get you through difficult problems. Music truly cares for you, have faith.